Non-Destructive Inspection Services

Certified weld inspectors have access to a wide range of non-destructive inspection services. Sure, a weld flaw can be visually detected, but even the keenest eye can’t see beyond a solid surface. NDT inspection services are designed to ‘see’ beyond the visible light spectrum. They use special sensors and scanning arrays to accomplish this impressive […]

Why is Welder Qualification and Certification Important in Doing Welding Inspection?

Like any other craft master, welding inspectors know everything there is to know about their chosen field. That metallurgical jointing expert probably started from the bottom as a welder. Working in the industry, certifications were gained, welding processes were mastered, and all applicable engineering codes were comprehensively assimilated. Today, that welding professional is backed by […]

Differences Between a Welding Engineer and a Certified Welder


Next on the agenda, we’ll be talking about the differences between welding engineers and certified welders. What discernible qualities separate the two engineering titles? Well, a welding engineer possesses an extra set of engineering skills, such as the ability to scientifically assess the structural integrity of a particular project. Certified welders, while intimately familiar with […]

Weld Procedure Qualification Tests


Rigorously administered codes and guidelines act as a driving force for weld procedure qualification tests. In truth, those qualification tests are methodically structured, which means there’s an entire framework of rules and regulations directing this critically important engineering vocation. Governed by procedural routines, by documented inspection programs and quality control systems, every applied weld becomes […]

In Service Inspection of Pressure Vessels: A Mandatory Requirement


A specific set of inspection procedures are employed when pressure vessels exit the manufacturing phase. They ensure the pressure vessel complies with certain design criteria, as determined by product-relevant commissioning guidelines. However, in service inspections are a little different. They’re mandatory, just like the post manufacturing examination, but they’re evaluating a more dynamic operational scenario. […]

Plant & Equipment Maintenance: Why This Process Should Be Carried Out By Companies


On-site engineers are well-versed in their craft. They repair and maintain equipment and generally keep that machinery in fine operational form. That’s a lot of responsibility, even if we’re talking about a smaller installation, not a massive chemical processing plant or an oil drilling rig. Still, aren’t there situations that absolutely demand the attentions of […]

Different Types of Welding Procedures


Engineering textbooks describe the welding process as a means of joining two or more metal surfaces together. To facilitate the bonds, the contact points on those metal parts are melted, then they fuse together as a seamless welded joint. This metal bonding technology has been around for some time. In that time, approximately thirty welding […]