What are the Different Types of Gas Welding?

Gas welding is not the same as arc welding, although that latter equipment type does use inert shielding gases. More precisely, gas-fueled welding tools use combustible, free-floating substances to generate focused flames. This super-hot “torch” can easily melt and join solid metal workpieces. Interestingly enough, as documented in the following passages of text, there are […]

What is a Weld Clad Overlay Process?

The Weld Clad Overlay process is not used for general-purpose parts jointing, let’s get that fact straight from the get-go. Like the term implies, overlay welding is intended to add layer “cladding.” Essentially, with a workpiece mounted on a turntable, a stationary arc welding torch deposits a protecting layer, which entirely coats a lesser material […]