What is a Weld Clad Overlay Process?

The Weld Clad Overlay process is not used for general-purpose parts jointing, let’s get that fact straight from the get-go. Like the term implies, overlay welding is intended to add layer “cladding.” Essentially, with a workpiece mounted on a turntable, a stationary arc welding torch deposits a protecting layer, which entirely coats a lesser material […]

What Does Tandem-Mag Welding Mean?

Tandem-mag welding (also known as twin-wire welding) uses two different wires to flash-create weld joints. Also of note, Tandem-Mag technology is an active gas technique. Instead of a MIG (Metal Inert Gas) shield, a MAG (Metal Active Gas) shield cloud mixes argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen into a steel-specific welding gas. Back to the “tandem” […]