Mobile Onsite Welding Services: What Makes It a Practical Choice for Builders and Contractors?

There’s really not a lot of difference between those onsite welding services that are carried out on sky-filling frameworks and those that are carried out on an ordinary building site. Sure, those large-scale projects support larger loads, but construction site contractors don’t exactly work on toy-sized constructs. In fact, compared to an industrial-scale operation, construction […]

What are the Pros and Cons of MIG Welding?

Metal inert gas welding, using its shielding gas and wire-feed electrode, is believed to be one of the easiest welding techniques to learn. That’s an immediate advantage. Expect hobbyists and motorsport enthusiasts to own a MIG rig. Stored in their garages, the equipment is pulled out everytime a big weekend project comes around. Meanwhile, for […]

Destructive Welding Testing Methods

When NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) procedures don’t measure up, then weld inspectors opt for destructive weld testing methods. As the label implies, small samples of the subject weld are exposed to destructive energies. That’s not a task that can be addressed with a carefree demeanour. Unlike a radiographic test, this procedure affects weld zones, so these […]

Differences between Radiographic and Ultrasonic Testing of Welds

Radiographic and ultrasonic weld testing, industry-standard inspection solutions for sure, are both held in high regard. They’re industry standards, seeing deeply inside opaque fuse zones with specially designed sensory mechanisms. Two different technologies dominate their operational architectures, but they both capture similar datasets, which are then rendered on a screen of some sort. Focusing on […]

Welding Inspection Standards and the Importance of High Quality Output

To safeguard welding inspection standards, it’s important to have a best-in-class inspection program in place. The weld examiners use especially determined engineering codes and standards to assess fuse-bonded discontinuities and to gauge whether these flaws exceed certain in-service requirements and/or fabrication criteria. Ultimately, the journeymen in this tough-as-nails industry must deliver high-quality output, not just […]