Radiographic and Ultrasonic Weld Testing

Straightforward visual testing methods hit a roadblock when weld flaws are concealed. Where does the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) process go from here? Expanding to include electronic scanning instrumentation, the procedure recruits radiographic and ultrasonic weld testing, an approach that seeks hidden discontinuities. These internal flaws can’t be seen or felt, but they do interfere with […]

What Material Factors Should Be Tested When Doing Welding Inspection?

Encumbered by numerous tools and specialized instruments, weld inspectors strike out in search of jointing flaws. They’re also armed with less weighty assets. These are the applied science qualifications that inform their senses. Besides weld discontinuity identification, though, all weld inspectors are charged with another important duty. Using stereo microscopes and other optically enhanced instruments, […]

Structural Steel Welding Supervision: Why Do You Need a Welding Supervisor?

Tasked with an arduous engineering project, an enterprise that contracts a vast number of structural steel elements, a welding supervisor is an essential coordinating force. More than that, this elected supervisor brings managerial know-how to the job. View this presiding professional as an occupational hub. Yes, this individual conducts welders, inspectors, and project foremen like […]

Welding Inspection in Water Treatment Plants

A properly utilized water treatment plant processes large volumes of this life-giving resource. Regardless of endeavour, the purification mechanisms work ceaselessly. They refine the water for consumption, perform as crucial platforms in recycling facilities, and generally manage large hydronic assets. A welding inspection here is a critically important service, but why does this facility receive […]

Non-Destructive Inspection Services

Certified weld inspectors have access to a wide range of non-destructive inspection services. Sure, a weld flaw can be visually detected, but even the keenest eye can’t see beyond a solid surface. NDT inspection services are designed to ‘see’ beyond the visible light spectrum. They use special sensors and scanning arrays to accomplish this impressive […]