The Importance of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) Before Any Welding Procedures

19 November 2021

Welding and manufacturing works are unquestionably imperative to the uprightness of construction, building and task. A deformity or issue which is ignored or missed in light of careless inspection and […]

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The Importance of Proprietary Plant and Equipment Maintenance and Repair

05 November 2021

On-site engineers are well-versed in their craft. They repair and maintain equipment and generally keep that machinery in fine operational form. That’s a lot of responsibility, even if we’re talking […]

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An Overview of Welding Distortion and Its Different Types

27 October 2021

Welding ordinarily includes warming the materials at the joint to intertwine them. This hotness makes expansion and withdrawal. On the off chance that the warming and cooling are lopsided, distortion […]

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An Overview of Welding Alloy Types and their Applications

14 October 2021

Likewise called filler metals, welding alloys are extra metals that fill in the hole between the two base metals being joined. One definition is “the metal to be included making […]

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An Overview of Welding Beads: Know the Different Types and their Respective Functions

30 September 2021

A weld bead is made by saving a filler material into a joint between two bits of metal. As you soften a filler material into the workpiece, what you move […]

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