An Overview of Third Party Witnessing Methods in Welding Inspection and Supervision

27 July 2021

Majority of the providers or makers reacts adversely to a shipper prescribing them that they would like to employ the administrations of a third party inspection organisation to check the […]

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The Importance of Crane Management and Safety in Welding

09 July 2021

Whether you’re in the oil field, material handling or any industry that requires hard work, all things considered, you utilise a crane as a piece of your cycle. The public […]

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What is a Coordinate-Based Measuring Machinery (CMM) and Its Benefits in Inspection Services

28 June 2021

When an engineering structure requires an exactingly accurate dimensional measurement service, the call goes out for a coordinate-based measurement machine (CMM). Blessed with an ultra-high accuracy array of sensors, this […]

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How to Properly Conduct Inspection and Testing of Welds in Structural Steel?

08 June 2021

The strategy for inspection of welds in structural steel ought to be according to IS: 822 and the degree of inspection and testing will be in understanding with the pertinent […]

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Destructive Weld Testing Methods

27 May 2021

When NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) procedures don’t measure up, then weld inspectors opt for destructive weld testing methods. As the label implies, small samples of the subject weld are exposed to […]

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