Weld Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing of Pressure Equipment

14 June 2020

Pressure equipment are specifically constructed to adhere to an existing standard of design and construction. During the designing process, the design thickness is possible to decrease in size than the […]

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Developing Welding Procedure Specification

29 May 2020

Different industries usually utilise welding in joining and fusing materials. And for these industries to perform welding effectively, they must follow a set of procedures that are intended to give […]

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Certified Weld Inspection Services in Melbourne: A Brief Overview on the Process and Procedures

14 May 2020

Many characteristics of a weld can be evaluated during welding inspection – some relating to weld size, and others relating to the presence of weld discontinuities. The size of a […]

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Ways to Produce Weld Beads with the Right Size, Shape, and Depth

10 September 2019

Possessed of a laser-like focus, good welders control weld beads. A depth-regulated seam progresses between two joint zones. As the filler metals and weld pool cool behind the travelling electrode, […]

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Acid Etch Examination in Welding Testing: What is it All About?

20 August 2019

To Welding Inspectors, acid etching kits are just another tool. That box of cushioned vials fits snugly in with an extensive range of joint examining instruments. True, these substances are […]

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