How Does Conductivity Impact the Aspects of a Welding Operation?

05 August 2019

Conductivity headaches are bad news, especially since arc welding equipment relies upon electrical charges to generate metal-to-metal jointing heat. If a welder, while holding an equipment electrode, can’t generate enough […]

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Slag Inclusion in Welding: Causes and Prevention

16 July 2019

Do weld inspectors ever come upon joint flaws that are unquestionably blemished? Certainly, and slag inclusion defects fall nicely into this category. Just by looking at a weld that’s scarred […]

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Important Qualifications Every Welding Inspector Should Possess

04 July 2019

Welding inspectors tend to be highly experienced team members. They’re reliable, task-oriented, and capable of recalling all kinds of welding codes. Really, just check out a job listing on the […]

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How to Distinguish a Good Weld from a Bad Weld Job

19 June 2019

After boiling down all the complex elements of this job, this is what it comes down to in the end: how does a welding inspector distinguish good welds from bad […]

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Analysing Fatigue on Welded Structures: How is This Done?

04 June 2019

As a rule, solid surfaces are stronger than welded structures. Surely, weldments create strong frame joints, but they’ll fail before a solid structural element does; that’s just the unmitigated truth […]

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