What are the Different Types of Gas Welding?

20 May 2019

Gas welding is not the same as arc welding, although that latter equipment type does use inert shielding gases. More precisely, gas-fueled welding tools use combustible, free-floating substances to generate […]

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Inspection Before, During, and After Welding: What are the Benefits?

07 May 2019

Weld inspectors are busy people. Think about it, they don’t hang around waiting to inspect welds after they’ve cooled. No, the inspections are also carried out during the work. That […]

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What is a Weld Clad Overlay Process?

23 April 2019

The Weld Clad Overlay process is not used for general-purpose parts jointing, let’s get that fact straight from the get-go. Like the term implies, overlay welding is intended to add […]

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What Does Tandem-Mag Welding Mean?

08 April 2019

Tandem-mag welding (also known as twin-wire welding) uses two different wires to flash-create weld joints. Also of note, Tandem-Mag technology is an active gas technique. Instead of a MIG (Metal […]

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Metal Weld Porosity in Mig Welding: What is it all About?

20 March 2019

Pinholes can form inside welds. There’s no two ways about it, that’s a patently shoddy example of welding workmanship. The joint isn’t solid. Just as one adverse effect, the strength […]

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