Dimensional Inspection Services: What is this all about?

05 December 2017

Accurate dimensions, delivered by the finest technical services, are critical to the functional life of any engineering project. But just what is a Dimensional Inspection service? Viewed from a fundamental aspect, the simplest dimensional measurements are carried out linearly. The distance from one supporting beam to its neighbour would fall under this spatial appraisal methodology. However, this is a science that quickly acquires a far more complex mode of execution.

What are Coordinate Based Measurements? 

When an engineering structure requires an exactingly accurate dimensional measurement service, the call goes out for a coordinate-based measurement machine (CMM). Blessed with an ultra-high accuracy array of sensors, this special instrument spatially records the physical geometrical profiles of every feature within its range. That means the procedures carried out here are actualized in three-dimensional space. Imagine trying to match that all-seeing device with a tape measure and a notebook. It would take ages to match the dimensional gauging conducted by a CMM array.

Dimensional Inspection Services 

The lay of a linearly arraigned bank of support stanchions is documented by employing a CMM solution. Traditional measurement techniques proceed while this digitally rendered service is conducted. The special tools exactly gauge the distance between nearby points. Meanwhile, curved surfaces are also viewed in three-dimensional space and measured. The angular differences are recorded and appraised, with the curvilinear data filling in any blanks during the survey. Exactingly recorded in this manner, the coordinates are fed into a CAD program and chewed until the whole structure can be rendered in real time as a visually accurate virtual construct.

CAD Rendered Evaluations 

Structurally speaking, the advantages afforded by the system are many. The individual blades on a turbine can be rendered, then the structure becomes a dynamic model. Make changes to the turbine, test it to destruction, and know that the actual physical equipment lays untouched. Similarly, the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is backed by engineering mathematics, so the stress factors experienced by a welded metal framework, perhaps a construct occupying space on an oil rig, become instantly accessible as a virtually controlled model. Used to simply measure every three-dimensional asset or to further analyze that data in a modelling program, dimensional inspection services are, indeed, invaluable.

Employed as a product conformity aid, a dimensional inspection service is a tool, one that operates as a geometrically accurate coordinate recording procedure. Electronic tools rule this spatial gauging domain, but the data can really be input from any source, be it an ultrasonic instrument or a simple hand-wielded measuring rule.

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