How Certified Welders Can Create an Impact in Your Project

14 September 2020

More often than not, people simply assume that welding processes are all the same. The only ones who can distinguish the difference are certified, welders. Their experience and certifications are what sets them apart and that can make or break a certain project. Below are ways on how certified welders can create an impact on your project.

Certified Welders Dictates the Quality of Work

Certified welders can either deliver high-quality projects by leveraging highly skilled team or they can do the opposite. To be able to get high-quality work, you must make sure that these welders have a structural steel certification. While being efficient on the job is the required norm for welders, it is always better to have the necessary paperwork and qualifications to be certain about the quality of work and results, as well as the workmanship.

Certified Welders Dictates the Efficiency of the Project

Most welding industries claim that they ensure all of their welders and fabricators can perform their duties professionally and efficiently. One way of making sure is by assessing how well they passed their certification tests. A certification exam encompasses both written and performance tests that determine a welder’s level of competency and knowledge. It is generally an entry-level requirement for reputable welding businesses.

Such an endorsement covers a wide range of materials that a welder is certified to work with, but it is far from the end-all, be-all of certifications. Proficiency in working with different materials and material thickness grant different endorsements. You should also check if they are qualified to deal with structural aluminium (d1.2), bridge welding (d1.5), railroad welding (d15.1) and aerospace welding (d17.1).

Although a professional can possess the skills to work with different materials and different processes without certifications, being able to support the customers with well-trained staff brings peace of mind to both the company and its clients.

Certified Welders are Equipped with Various Skill Sets

Having well-trained and experienced welders and fabricators are the pride of the welding industry. Being able to work with steel, aluminium, copper, and bronze can take very different skill sets. With certified welders, industries will be certain that the staff they deploy are qualified to perform tool and die work, flux-cored arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, or hard facing. Not only that, but their services must also be performed following your exact specifications.

With the advances in technology, state-of-the-art equipment is a force to reckon with. But without the help of certified welders to operate that machinery, it is of no use. People generally assume that custom welding and fabrication is expensive and not worth the price, but once you realize that a project designed and carried out to your exact specifications ultimately saves you more money in the long run. Certified welders must not only be experts and experienced in their field, but they must also be dedicated and willing to assist clients in their fabrication needs and preferences.

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