Onsite Welding Services and Its Benefits to Various Industries

31 July 2017

A score of check marks hit the pros column when on-site welding services are weighed against a comparable off-site operation. First of all, larger-than-life industrial parts can’t realistically be transported to a workshop. However, a welder can go mobile, so the service can head out for, let’s say, an oil rig. That’s a no-brainer, right? Anyway, beyond that glaringly obvious example, what other industries benefit from an on-site welding service?

Project-Specific Work Practices 

Back in the factory, the project is conducted according to the safety policies that exist there on the workshop floor. The conditions are manageable, the environment is precisely governed, and every element of the process is regulable. Out in the field, however, the full impact of the operational environment is known and accounted for by the welding service. Instead of using that controlled setting, the service assumes an on-the-spot work mindset, a professional demeanour that adopts every safety regulation, follows every site guideline, and generally imbues the workpiece with a degree of metal jointing workmanship that reflects those conditions.

Regulating Site Uniformity 

This next benefit echoes the opening paragraph. The welding operation is expected to assemble and anchor the frame pieces, the staircases, platforms, and frame pieces that reliably support a predetermined load. Alternatively, unique forces, perhaps ocean waves or gale force winds, approach from difficult angles. Existing parts are on-site and anchored, but the new staging is about to be installed. The on-site welding service heat-joints those metal elements in place. A commissioning stage may be next, and an inspection phase is certainly in the cards. The newly installed frame, the cooled metal joints, and all other fastening parts must emulate that already constructed and time-tested construct. Again, this is a work detail for the field, for the industrial site, not some distant metal working shop or fabrication facility.

It’s almost ironic, this notion that an on-site welding service is a flexible asset, one that fixes rigid parts in place. The benefits include the aforementioned safety-biased standards that rule the oil rig or other mammoth structure. Then there’s the avoidance of transportation logistics, the moving of an unwieldy conglomeration of assembled parts. Instead, those parts are conveyed in their deconstructed form, then they’re erected and welded. Finally, that versatility factor touches every other possible site need, including the most fundamental repair work. Basically, our mobile welders are on-the-spot coupling and fastening advocates. We erect, extend, and repair where we’re needed, when we’re needed, and address these welding duties with a degree of professionalism that adapts to every job.

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