Welding Supervision

Welding Supervisors

A Welding Supervisor provides the essential role in the success of every welding project and the entire welding production process. It is important that he has the expertise in supervisory management, welding process and technologies, workplace health and safety standards, and knowledge in existing regulations. Aside from these usual tasks, it is important that a Welding Supervisor has efficient administrative skills in ordering and distribution of supplies, troubleshooting welding problems, and ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects.

Warco Engineering ensures that our Welding Supervisors are certified and have globally recognised qualifications including AS1796 Certification 10 and AS2214 Welding Supervision. Also included are TWI and Australian Welding Institute certifications. We understand that Welding Supervisors are critical to your project’s success, ensuring productivity and profitability.

Welding Procedure Specification Development

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is a written document that provides the most important guide that directs welders to ensure that all welds meet high quality standards set by code requirements. The purpose of this document is to ensure that welders will achieve the same quality welds each time when the procedure is applied. A WPS is usually developed for each alloy and their application. Our team of welders, M.S., and PhD metallurgists work with you to define a WPS for your process. We also have an analysis team in charge of research and development to ensure that fine-tuning of every welding process is done.

Welder Testing

As an IWS AS 2214 / AS 1796 and a Certified 10 Supervisor, Warco Engineering provides certified welding inspection and supervision services in structural steel welding. Our consistency and competence to maintain our level of service has been firmly established Australia-wide. Indeed, our systematically maintained weld governing strategy strengthens every facet of this important duty.

Weld Procedure Development

Warco Engineering strictly adheres to Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) to ensure that our welders will be able to achieve the same quality results in every weld process. It is important that proper welding supervision is done in order to guide welders in the right direction to strictly follow code requirements for every type of alloy and their specific application.

Qualification of Welders and Welding Procedures

Compliance with welding codes and standards is essential for welding procedures across all sectors of industry. These comprehensive codes pertain to all areas of the design and production of welded products, such as specifications of the welding process, quality control and quality assurance requirements during welding projects and qualifying welder training and skills for expert welding operations. Conforming to meet welding industry codes relative to various product quality grades is actually a prerequisite for receiving the required certification for pressure vessels suitable for the marketplace.

With their thorough understanding of all related codes and standards, our Warco Engineering welding inspectors can provide a variety of qualifying and testing procedures. They can accurately verify the capability of a welder or welding operator for welding performance that aligns with required standards. Our inspectors are also well prepared and experienced for verifying that welding process specifications contain clear and accurate instructions. We verify qualified welder compliance throughout Australia, and we have IWS Accreditation for satisfying international requirements.

Major Aspects of the Qualification of Welders and Welding Procedures

Your business can benefit from our experienced and thorough professional qualification processes for welders and welding procedures in various important ways, including the following:

  • Ensuring that your company's welders have the verified skills and experience to adhere to instructions for welding project specifications.
  • Ensuring that finished products made according to your welding project specifications will comply in all aspects with the design's required components, features and quality.
  • Gaining advantages from our rapid inspection and testing times.
  • Complying with important standards and codes.
  • Lessening risks of business liability with the use of proven standards of safety.

Procedures for Qualifying Welders

To comply with qualification standards, a welder or welding operator must perform welding procedures that completely satisfy these standards. All certified welders must have the skills and knowledge needed to perform high-calibre welding procedures that produce products that comply with testing standards and display fine quality visual properties.

Our inspectors can qualify your welders by producing radio-graphs or with the use of bend tests, which meet the requirements of numerous welding codes. Our inspectors can also determine qualifications for welders who fabricate pressure vessels. Qualifying welders receive a qualification test certificate or a welding performance qualification.

Qualifying Welding Procedures

Qualification of welding procedures involves the verification of the successful combining of techniques and materials for producing acceptable components through welding. These components must possess approved mechanical features and comply with standard codes for welding. To ensure the accuracy of a welding process specification, our experts assist you in developing and evaluating welding processes during a qualification test-weld.

The results are inspected with the use of both mechanical and non-mechanical testing prior to issuing the procedure qualification report (WPQR). These include tests for strength like tensile strength testing, bend testing, hardness testing, non-destructive testing, macro etching and material fatigue testing - AU.

You can contact us at Warco Engineering for further information and to schedule a consultation concerning qualification verification testing for your welders and welding procedures today.

Our experienced experts will provide your company with superior qualification services for welders and welding processes. Warco Engineering professionals will ensure that your entire welding staff and all of your welding procedures are fully compliant with all requirements for verified qualification.